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        1. Welcome to Shantou Wetry Machinery Co., Ltd.
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          WETRY-M1050 Max

          *Now the GⅡ1050 has been upgraded into M1050

          WETRY-M1050 Max Type CNC Stripping Machine adopts the exclusive technology that has Certification of Invention Patent of China. (ZL2015103048859 ZL2016102587813 ZL2016102587404). It is a professional equipment which can realize automatic stripping of any boxes with different sizes and shapes in one time by using single drive. Boxes with different sizes and shapes can be stripped in the same center of the single drive, which greatly reduces the transmission distance of X, Y, Z axis. It effectively improves the accuracy and stripping speed of the transformation of paper-pile. There are no requirements and restrictions on the products with shared blade sheet and loose core.

          1. It has been innovatively designed with drawer type mold base and electric spinning pin base, which can strip the waste of boxes on the sheet ranged in opposite and negative direction in one time.

          2. The newly designed numerical controlled paper-pile push parts has lightened its own weight as well as effectively fitted the working platform and can be adjusted at will as request. 

          3. Adopting the working platform coating technology which was independently researched and developed by our company, it has resolved the technical problem, which has always made the whole industry in trouble, that the color changing of the ivory board while rubbing against the metal working platform. This machine has the advantages such as high transmission accuracy, easy to operate, quick die changing, short machine adjustment time, and high safety factor, etc. It is appropriate for all kinds of paperboards, polypropylene sheet of hang tags, normal box, abnormal shape box, normal buckle bottom box, automatic buckle bottom box and buckle bottom with hook box etc.

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