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          Our company is appraised as "Technology-Based SMEs " in 2020

          Date:2020-06-02      Publisher:

          Shantou Wetry Machinery Co., Ltd. is appraised as "Technology-Based SMEs " in 2020.The warehouse entry registration number is 202044051100009042

          Shantou Wetry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Technology-based SMEs with excellent innovation ability. We take the spirit of craftsman and the faith of keeping promises as our tenets, dedicate for every customer in providing professional, quality, efficient and sincere service. Promoted by "Made in China 2025", Wetry keeps pace with market, follows the trend of industrial development, and wins the trust of our customers by our high quality products and efficient services, which sell well at home and abroad. Wetry always promotes product regeneration and technical innovation. Based on technology which has China Patent Certification, Wetry develops a creative Super Single-Head Waste StrippersZL2015103048859 ZL2016102587813 ZL2016102587404), which single-head can realizes the function of multi-head machine .Our stripping machine can be applied for most of the boxes and make high quality of the products. It is not only easy to operate, but also takes only a small area, as well as other excellent characteristic. Your satisfaction has always been the orientation of our effort. 


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